ACX Issue Cover 1Horizon Ethiopia was first born in 2007 as a variety magazine called Addis ConneXion. It quickly evolved to focus more on business, economy and development affairs. By the beginning of 2010, it had changed its name to Horizon Ethiopia and was regularly publishing thematic print issues while also maintaining a robust website which not only made its print content available online but also added a great deal of original content.

Horizon Ethiopia published a lot of great, original content that continues to have some value whether as a reference resource or as content that is still as valid today as the day it was published. Therefore this website has been reconstituted in order to act as an archive for most of the content published in print or online prior to its hiatus in 2013 as well as a platform for new content going forward.

Content that is judged to be of historical value alone will be published only under the Mag Archive menu while content that could still be published today (for example Travel pieces) will be published not only under the archives menu structure but also the appropriate top level menu as well. Where appropriate, articles will be updated and republished. Due to the volume of content from the archives that must be reviewed, it will take some time to place it all back on this website.

I hope you find Horizon Ethiopia in its new form useful in some way and as always, your feedback is most welcome.

Melaku Sahlu


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